At Succulent Gift, we are passionate about Succulents and Cactus plants, and sharing our love of them with others.

Do you ever get sick and tired of giving the same old bunch of flowers for Mothers Day, Birthdays or your Anniversary? Or giving a box of chocolates or a soft toy just because you are out of ideas for a gift, or giving the same old bonbonniere or wedding favours, because it’s tradition.

This doesn’t have to be the case, Succulents and Cactus plants come in so many different shapes, colours and varieties, they can come in small or large arrangements with a mixture of different varieties, in a simple pot or decorative pot, of different shapes and sizes, in a glass bowl, terrarium, or a wreath, the options are limitless.

Succulents can also be an interesting gift for corporates and offices, compared to the standard pot plants that you usually get, a succulent arrangement at the entry or foyer of an office, is both great to look at and a point of difference for your visitors and staff.

Unlike flowers which die in a week or so after they are received, a succulent is a living plant, they will stay beautiful and vibrant, they will grow and change over time. Despite only needing minimal care, just a nice sunny location and a little water ever week or so, the fact that the plants need some care will ensure that the gift continues to be remembered and provide joy for the recipient.

Our mission at Succulent Gift is to share the beauty of succulents and cactus with the masses and provide people options for giving gifts and sharing joy, so if you are going to give a gift, why not give a succulent gift.