Succulent Arrangement in Small Terracotta Pot


This succulent arrangement comes with a small pot in either terracotta or gold and is perfect as a gift for a loved one, as a table decoration for a party or as a household decoration. The succulents provided will be dependent on season and availability of plants, however, includes a mixture of haworthias, echeverias, sedums and some rare plants including gasterias and crassulas.

In the instance that you would like specific plants added to the arrangement please let us know and we will attempt to accommodate your request based on availability of plants.

The majority of plants in the arrangement come with roots, although some may be hardy cuttings that root readily, the reason for this is that these succulents grow and in order to maintain the low profile we need to remove the stems. Succulents should be watered sparingly, during the warmer months of the year watering should be limited to once every 1-2 weeks, during the colder months typically once per month.

At this point DELIVERY ONLY AVAILABLE TO SYDNEY METROPOLITAN AREAS. Pickup available upon request from Western Sydney.